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About Metaverse?

Metaverse (The Universe Beyond) is a three-dimensional concept consisting of an infinite number of universes that we can experience through devices at the moment. Metaverse has defined as a concept because universes are functioning separately for now.

In the Metaverse environment, it is possible to experience real life functions as well as functions that we cannot imagine currently. This offers unlimited creative possibilities for both consumers and brands. Current estimates state, Metaverse indicates an economy of 30 trillion Dollars.

Metaverse is progressing so quickly that no intuition or brand can ignore.

Tazefikir Metaverse Agency is On!

Tazefikir Group, as one of the leading agencies in the industry, continues to produce effective solutions for innovative technologies. We’re proud to present our 6th company ‘Tazefikir Metaverse’ with the goal of serving and leading the brands in Metaverse which everyone follows in curiosity and excitement.


A New Perspective for Brands and 3D Support!

Working on this field does not solely mean connecting with new target audiences. With the help of the PR effect, it also contributes to the innovative stance of brands. Today, leading brands spend at least 10% of their budgets on visionary platforms and experimental design practices. Today, it is inevitable to develop projects incrementally in order to exist in the Metaverse. We are here to contribute with 3D support and load of energy for the new universe.

çağlar gözüaçık
Çağlar Gözüaçık

Founder of Tazefikir Group
Secretary General of Artificial Intelligence and Technology

About Tazefikir Group

As Tazefikir, we are a 16 years old marketing communications group. With our ever-growing team of 80 people, we increase our range of services and accomplish our jobs with a great passion and with a smiling attitude.

To date, we have accomplished many successful projects in line with the strategy and dreams of our brands. Our innovative ideas and projects have been honored with hundreds of awards nationally and globally.
Our motto is Creative Impact and Goodvertising.
Continuing to work towards this goal.

I don’t have special talents, I’m just a passionate enthusiast. Einstein

Our curious and talented team of 16 people are traveling through the Metaverse universes, exploring the possibilities in this field and examining the case studies. Determines the opportunities of today and the future on behalf of institutions and brands.

Tazefikir Metaverse has started its service!

As Tazefikir Group, it is indispensable to follow innovations and developing technologies. Thus, Tazefikir Group is developing and growing. The excitement of the idea “The Universe Beyond” led us to new projects, a new approach, an expert team and new dreams.

Metaverse Strategy

In Metaverse, we develop strategies that will position your brand correctly and ensure that you find a place in shop windows.

VR Projects

We accelerate the adaptation process to the virtual universewith our experience in AR and VR projects.

Experience Design

We design immersive experiences and bring them to life seamlessly.


We create original content and support you in the process of creating your NFT.

AR Projeler

We create disappointment in our real world, we color our world.


With a unique technology and vision, we offer a suitable gamification service for the dynamics of the virtual universe.

A First in Turkey!

Brand Communication in Metaverse courses by Tazefikir, which is the first Metaverse Course in the world to be included in the curriculum, and our special certificate program for industry professionals, started in the 2022 Spring semester at Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Communication!

Founder of Tazefikir & Secretary General of Artificial Intelligence and Technology Association
Çağlar Gözüaçık and his valuable guests covered these subjects in these lectures about Metaverse.
  • Blockchain Technology / Crypto Assets / NFT
  • Metaverse / Software / Hardware / Content Topics
  • Web 3.0 / 5G
  • Metaverse Platforms
  • Wearable Sensors / Body Chips
  • Metaverse Marketplace
  • Robots and Metaverse Interaction
  • Active Brands and Examples in Metaverse
  • Direct-to-Avatar (D2A)
  • Massive Interactive Live Events (MILEs)
  • Metafluencer and Future Business Life
  • Metaverse Law / Ethics
  • The Future of Neuralink and Metaverse
  • Dream Advertising

Let’s Meet.

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